Jamie Art

Abstract artist

I am Jamie, a proudly South African self-taught artist, based in Cape Town. Freedom of expression through paint and colour brings much joy to my soul as I put paint to canvas. When I am inspired, I am literally filled with the breath of something new and vital that carries me forward into a fresh and as-yet unknown place. Inspiration is rare and exciting.

I love using the acrylic pouring technique
for most of my art

Acrylic fluid art is an abstract impressionistic artform in which paints are made more fluid using various mediums and then manipulated on the canvas. No one piece is ever the same and it allows my art to always be evolving. The sheer delight of creation is a truly joyous thing, as the colours weave their way into its own expression and for all to enjoy.

Latest artwork

Fresh artwork is constantly being added to the gallery, so do visit this site regularly. Bespoke art, to suit the palette and style of your home, could be ordered below. As I let my paints and colours flow, no two items are identical and there may be slight differences in the design.
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